Vanilla Visa FAQ’s

Vanilla Visa FAQ’s

  • Where can I use my Vanilla Gift Card?

You can use your Vanilla Visa cards around the world where ever Visa Debit Cards are accepted.

  • Is this Vanilla Prepaid Debit Gift Card a reloadable card?

No, Vanilla Visa card is not a reloadable card.

  • How can one purchase this Vanilla Prepaid gift Card?

One can easily purchase this Vanilla Gift Card by filing an application form which is easily accessible online at its website that is or it can be applied by phone also at 1800-571-1376

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  • What is the procedure to activate my Vanilla Visa Prepaid Gift Card?

The Card is activated by the cashier at the time of purchase and the card user has to sign at the back of the card immediately.

  • Can a personalized message be incorporated on the Vanilla gift Card?

Personalized message is available based upon Card quantities ordered.

  • How can I know the balance of my Vanilla card?

To know the balance of Vanilla Card one can either call customer care at             1800-571-1376       or can log on to ones respective accounts.

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