Vanillavisa : Method to Activate Vanilla Visa Card

Vanillavisa : Method to Activate Vanilla Visa Card

The Vanilla Visa is a gift card that can be utilized anywhere within the USA that Visa cards are accepted. The Vanilla Visa was created by a company known as InComm. Employers can take advantage of the Vanilla Visa Company Plan to obtain present cards for hard-working workers, or people can purchase them for friends and loved ones members. Prior to you are able to use the Vanilla Visa, you must activate it.

Method to Activate Vanilla Visa Card

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  • Select the Vanilla Visa that represents the quantity of cash which you wish to give. Vanilla Visa’s are accessible in $25, $50 and $100 increments
  • Consider the Vanilla Visa you want to purchase as much as the cashier. The cashier will then activate the Vanilla Visa for you personally.
  • Pay for your Vanilla Visa, signal the back with the card exactly where indicated, after which create down the card quantity and also the phone number for the consumer services division on the bit of paper, so you will have it in the event the the Vanilla Visa is lost or stolen. File this information away inside your submitting cabinet.
  • Wrap up the Vanilla Visa and give it away as being a present. The card was created prepared to make use of prior to you left the store

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